Hey Bears! So we have some not so great news to share that may impact some of you who attend our events.

You may have heard that CCBC has suspended tent rentals. It’s true. Cathedral City has banned tent camping within city limits. We do not know when this law took effect but last weekend we received a warning from the fire marshal to stop all camping at the hotel and our events. CCBC has allowed camping for the better part of two decades so this comes as a major blow to us and the resort.

At this time the owners of CCBC are working with the city to come up with a compromise. We are pushing for temporary permits for our two major Western Xposure’s each year. In all likelihood if we get any kind of approval no tents will be allowed power anymore and we may only get permission for a very limited number.

This breaks our hearts because it was camping that started all of this, to lose it will be to lose a little bit of the soul of Western Xposure, Bears on the Prowl, and Dadfest. However, it will not prevent us from continuing forward with all our events. It just fucking sucks... that’s our official statement at the moment. I’ll repeat, this fucking sucks!

We know many of you rely on tent camping as an affordable and fun way to enjoy the events and that many of you have made plans to attend in this way. Once we have final word from the city we will figure out a path forward with what they present us. PLEASE do not panic yet but I would like to encourage anyone who does not currently have a tent reservation to seek alternative lodging at this time as it is likely we will not have a spot for you.

To make it up to you guys we will be offering free passes to anyone who tent camped last year and will not be able to do so this year. We hope that will soften the blow of having to find a room. Please contact me, WEST FISHER, directly. I already know most of you who camp regularly with us, but to anyone I’m not familiar with I will require some sort of proof so this isn’t abused.

We can say for certain that no camping will be allowed during March’s Bears on the Prowl, and everything else after Western Xposure.

Once we have the final word from the city we will let everyone know what the plan will be. Please contact me if this impacts you and I’ll see what we can do. This is out of our hands but if I can help make it better for you I will do my best. Western Xposure is about community coming together for an incredible four days of bliss and I want everyone to be able to be a part of it still. Even if that means we take a bit of a hit. We are doing everything we can to resolve the situation but we are also having to be realistic in understanding the city may simply tell us no. So please bare with us for the next week while we see what we can work out.

From all of us at Xposure and the CCBC, thank you for your understanding and patience while we work through this.

Much love!


Camping is the most inexpensive way to enjoy the CCBC Resort and our Events!


  • Tent locations are first-come-first-served so we suggest showing up on Thursday for the best spots.

  • Only one tent is allowed per site, parties of two must share a tent or purchase a second site due to limited space.

  • You are welcome to set up your tent anywhere it will fit, except around the pool areas and main lawn.  

  • Handicap tent sites are available, please reserve in advance.


Tent sites are only $75/Night During Western Xposure Events

$65/Night all other events

That includes 2 people with passes to the entire event and resort, come and go privileges and parking.

If you have more than 2 people in your tent each additional guest must buy a pass.


Reservations by phone only


  1. TENT - please be aware that we need all the space we can get, so the smaller the tent the better.  If you have a group coming please keep your tent size reasonable, we really appreciate it! Cuddling is encouraged.

  2. SLEEPING BAG/BLANKETS - The desert gets cold at night, be sure to bring extra layers. 

  3. PILLOW - Often forgotten to believe it or not.

  4. AIR MATTRESS - The easiest way to enjoy yourself in the tent is to bring a small air mattress.  They do get cold at night so bring some blankets to lay on top between it and you.

  5. SECOND AIR MATTRESS - You may find yourself on an uneven campsite.  An easy fix to this is to use a second partially deflated air mattress to level you out. If you don't have a second mattress try a comforter or some extra pillows.

  6. TARP - Some people like to keep their tents clean and put a tarp under it.

  7. COMBINATION LOCK - If you want to secure your tent we suggest a combination lock, not a lock with a key.

  8. COOLER - Coolers are welcome in the resort and there is lots of free ice.

  9. FOOD & WATER - When you are having fun it can be easy to forget to eat and drink.  The desert takes a lot out of you so be sure to stock up for the weekend, especially on water! 

  10. A WARM TOP - No, not that kind of top, I mean a sweater or jacket.  Always wise to have on hand in case you get the chills at night.  Also good for late night walks through the resort.

  11. FLIP FLOPS - Good to keep by the entrance of your tent for those middle of the night pee breaks.  

  12. POWER CORDS - The resort will be able to provide you the power to your tent, but you must bring the extension cords.  Each guest who would like power please bring at least a 100ft cord and a splitter or multi-plug.

  13. FLASHLIGHT - Depending on where you are in the resort a light will be a good thing to have. Don't forget the batteries!

  14. CHAIR & UMBRELLA- This one is optional, but it's always nice to have a camp chair.  If for nothing else to watch the wildlife. And an umbrella is also nice to have, but not a must.

  15. SUNSCREEN - trust us on the sunscreen.  

  16. HATS - Trust us on the hats.

  17. SNEAKERS - For those walks around the property.

  18. CLOTHES - this one is optional ;)

  19. TOILETRIES - We hope this isn't optional... Lol

  20. BUG SPRAY - Never hurts. 

  21. Earplugs - Might help. 

  1. FRESH TOWELS - Towels are available to all resort guests at the front desk.

  2. BATHROOMS & SHOWERS - There are two bathrooms located at CCBC for tent campers to use, no need to dig a hole or mark a tree.

  3. ICE - to keep your coolers cold. 

  4. FREE PARKING - And if the resort fills up there is lots of street parking.

  5. WIFI- Free to resort guests. 

  1. TENT HEATERS - No heaters in tents are allowed (electric or gas) due to safety hazards and power restrictions.

  2. GLASS - No glass containers are allowed; bottles, jars, or otherwise.

  3. PETS - Sorry Fido :(

  4. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES - The use of illegal or controlled substances is prohibited.

  5. OUTSIDE ALCOHOL - Although we will not be dicks about this one, we do appreciate your support of our bar.  The bar helps pay for the event, making it possible to have our awesome naked camping weekend.  We appreciate your support and promise to keep drinks affordable and poured heavy!




We cannot promise you that your tent space will be perfect, totally flat, soft, or have good neighbors.  We will try to find you the best place possible.  We appreciate your understanding.  If camping isn't your thing check out our room deals!


We look forward to seeing you!


Western Xposure
Western Xposure
Western Xposure Camping


100% Clothing-Optional

Always Body & Sex-Positive

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