Hey Bears! So we have some not so great news to share that may impact some of you who attend our events.

You may have heard that CCBC has suspended tent rentals. It’s true. Cathedral City has banned tent camping within city limits. We do not know when this law took effect but we received a warning from the fire marshal to stop all camping at the hotel and our events. CCBC has allowed camping for the better part of two decades so this comes as a major blow to us and the resort.

This breaks our hearts because it was camping that started all of this, to lose it will be to lose a little bit of the soul of Western Xposure. However, it will not prevent us from continuing forward with all our events. It just fucking sucks... that’s our official statement at the moment. I’ll repeat, this fucking sucks!

From all of us at Xposure and the CCBC, thank you for your understanding and patience while we work through this.

Much love!