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December 23-26th, 2021

Celebrate the season with your chosen family at Western Xposure's new holiday tradition.

WesternX-mas: Holiday Bear Retreat is a home for the holidays for everyone needing one. Whether you have nowhere to go, too many places to go, or just need a year off we've got you covered. Join us at the CCBC Resort for a weekend of Holiday cheer done the WesternXposure way! NAKED! We'll be hanging in the pool, hot tubs, and steam room. We'll be cruising the trails and back rooms stuffing, umm, stockings! Everyone here is on the naughty list and we LOVE IT!

THURSDAY - Check in and Meat & Greet the men you'll be spending the weekend with.

FRIDAY - During the day it's time to swim and cruise and play. Then in the evening we'll head over the Barracks for a Sexy Santa Bar Night from 7pm-2am. Strip down and make Santa a jockstrap wearing party animal!

SATURDAY - During the day we'll have our Naughty List pool party and hut tub skinny dip with our DJ. Then Saturday night we'll all gather to share food at our Christmas Potluck and have a White Elephant Gift Exchange. After we'll cruise and have fun till we can't stand any longer.

SUNDAY - more pool and hot tubs and the winner of best decorated room will be crowned!

PLUS MORE TO COME! This is just the start.

So what is WesternXposure? It really is whatever you want it to be. Our schedule is only a guide to the many things you can do here. You can go as fast and hard as you want, or take it easy and get some sun. It's up to you. We don't have any interruptions or shows, we just let the event roll on. So strip down, eat, drink, relax, and enjoy life as a bear. You can cruise and meet guys, or have a drink and eat some food from the on-site restaurant.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

If you have a room at the CCBC Resort it includes two free event passes. Anyone not staying a the resort will need to purchase an event pass.



  • 24 hour access to the resort

  • Access to all parties in the resort

  • Access to all amenities in the resort (pool, steam room, hot tubs, nature trail, etc...)

  • Come and go as you please



  • 9am -2am access to the resort the day of your selection

  • Access to all parties in the resort that day

  • Access to all amenities in the resort (pool, steam room, hot tubs, nature trail, etc...)

  • Come and go as you please


*You must have a ticket to enter the resort. Regular resort passes are not accepted. You must have a valid ID that matched your ticket to enter the resort.*


This LGBT+ event is both body & sex-positive and is primarily for men in the bear community who identify as-or-with the men in it. Chasers welcome! You do not have to be a bear to attend but you must be respectful of everyone and treat people with kindness. We reserve the right to eject people who violate this safe space. Attendees are allowed to be fully nude but it is not required, only encouraged.

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Gay Bears
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Sadly camping is no longer allowed at the CCBC Resort due to a city wide ban on camping. We've tried to get it back and still hope to in the future but for now there will be no camping allowed. 
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PURCHASE PASSES here or at the door

If you purchased a room at the CCBC resort it includes two free tickets

EXPLORE Western Xposure

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Discover SoCal's largest gay resort.
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Get a preview of all the furry fun! 18+ ONLY! NSFW


bears eat cake


We are the bears who love the outdoors.

We embrace the hirsute, bushy, and bearded.

We thrive on cuddles, kindness, and close friends.

We believe in a naturist lifestyle & can go days without pants.

We are adventure seekers, tent-pitchers, and campfire builders.

We are the Men of Western Xposure.  Join us!


What is Western Xposure?

Western Xposure is a free-flowing weekend event for bears looking for a friendly and furry time relaxing under the desert sun.

Whether you stay in a room at the CCBC, or just join us for the day you will surely enjoy the chill atmosphere of Western Xposure.

Go at your own pace and make it the adventure you're looking for. We only have a schedule for those who want one, but the entire resort is 24 hours so it's really just guidelines. You can go as hard or as easy as you want. That's the beauty of Western Xposure.


West Fisher & Brian Hill

The event is thrown by West Fisher and Brian Hill.

West is the creator of Bears Las Vegas and the former yearly bear weekend party "BAD" at The Blue Moon Resort. He's spent years throwing parties in the bear community both for fun and for charity.

Brian is a bartender at PECS who has started many

monthly events such as THIRST and WOOF! in San Diego, and the classic bear website kingfuraday.com.

Brian is also our infamous Ted E Roxpin! 


Both West & Brian wanted to create an event unlike most other bear events. Western Xposure was created out of their love of social nudity and a fondness for their vacation resort, the CCBC. The CCBC's adult nature, clothing optional 24-hour facility, and sprawling grounds allowed them to create their concept for a "free-flowing" event where the pool never closes, the fun never stops, and you can really make the most of your time. Do a lot, or do nothing but relax. That's what Xposure is all about.


What can I Expect?

The idea of this weekend is to be relaxed, chill, and laid back.  You can strip down and be free to be you for a few days of bear bliss.  We want you to be able to stay at the resort the entire time if you want, so the event is built around the idea that you can arrive on Thursday and not get dressed until you leave on Monday.


But do I have to get Naked?

Absolutely not.  But we sure would love it if you did.  We only ask that if you are offended by nudity to rethink attending this event, it may not be for you.  But if you are cool with it feel free to ditch the shorts when you are comfortable enough to do so.

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