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Xposure events are free-flowing weekend events for the bear community, as well as the men who love and admire them. 

Whether you stay in a room at the resort, or just join us for the day, you will surely enjoy the chill atmosphere of a Xposure party. 

"Xposure" is the idea of being outdoors and exposed to the elements, naked, and being seen by the men around you. 

We encourage you to go at your own pace and make it the adventure you're looking for.  We only have a schedule for those who want one, it only serves as a loose guide to the weekend. The entire resort is open 24 hours so you can just enjoy yourself. You can go as hard or as easy as you want. That's the beauty of Xposure events.

MEET YOUR HOSTS West Fisher & Brian Hill

Both West & Brian wanted to create an event unlike most other bear events. Western Xposure was created out of their love of social nudity and a fondness for their vacation resort, the CCBC. The CCBC's adult nature, clothing optional 24-hour facility, and sprawling grounds allowed them to create their concept for a "free-flowing" event where the pool never closes, the fun never stops, and you can really make the most of your time. Do a lot, or do nothing but relax. That's what Xposure is all about.

Sadly, in March of 2022, Brian Hill lost his long fight with cancer. He was 48 years old. Brian was a bartender at PECS and had started many monthly events such as THIRST and WOOF! in San Diego, and he ran the classic bear website Brian was also our infamous DJ Ted E. Roxspin!

Brian will be missed by all of us, but his heart and passion for the events will live on in everything we do.


West Fisher is the creator of Bears Las Vegas and the former yearly bear weekend party "BAD" at The Blue Moon Resort. He's spent years throwing parties in the bear community both for fun and for charity. West and Brian met at Pecs Bar and a quick friendship grew, eventually becoming business partners. You may also know West as WestCub86.

West spent years in film and television designing sets, then went into retail design in Las Vegas. Eventually he transitioned into events full time and moved to San Diego to live a clothes-free life as much as possible. You can often find him laying naked in a hammock on a mountain somewhere. 

West and Brian

Brian Hill & West Fisher


What can I Expect at an event?

The idea of this weekend is to be relaxed, chill, and laid back.  Oh, and very sexy too! You can strip down and be free to be you for a few days of bear bliss.  We want you to be able to stay at the resort the entire time if you want, so the event is built around the idea that you can arrive on Thursday and not get dressed until you leave on Monday. Get some sun on your ass, or go cruise the back rooms and put that ass to work in other ways. It's up to you!


But do I have to get Naked?

Absolutely not.  But we sure would love it if you did.  We only ask that if you are offended by nudity to rethink attending this event, it may not be for you.  But if you are cool with it feel free to ditch the shorts when you are comfortable enough to do so.

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