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A Western Xposure SPECIAL EVENT



May 17-19TH, 2024


This SPECIALTY EVENT is aimed at attracting content creators on Twitter, OF, JFF, etc... We've created specific areas around the resort for filming freely with others in a unique outdoor environment. Meet others, film together, share with the world!


Filming spaces will be available all weekend around the resort. Meet other creators and film together. 

About the Event

Xposure Event's TAG TEAM is a weekend to strip down and explore your exhibitionist side with other like men. Enjoy  pool parties, great music, and hot bears cruising the resort. We will also have filming opportunities for anyone looking to create content for Twitter, OnlyFans, JustForFans, etc...

Cumunion joins us Saturday night for the ultimate cruising party! 

How many attend? Tag Team is a small to moderately attended weekend generally with great weather and lots of men from all over. However, Saturday night is especially busy during Cumunion where an additional 100-200 men pour into the resort to bang it out!

What's the event like? It really is whatever you want it to be. Our schedule is only a guide all the things you can do here. You can go as fast and hard as you want, or take it easy and get some sun. It's up to you. So strip down, eat, drink, relax, and enjoy it. 

Most of our guests stay in hotels nearby because the CCBC generally sells out well in advance. If you want to be on the waitlist please call the resort.


Everything for the most part at Tag Team is accessible 24 hours a day.

The pool, trails, play areas etc never close. 


Joining us early? Check out Underwear Night at the Barracks Wednesday Night, and Underwear Night at Tool Shed Thursday night.


  • 9am Xposure's BEAR TRAIL opens for the weekend!

  • 9am FILMING LOCATIONS now open!

  • Bar Open 8am-Midnight!

  • Noon-7pm BEAR NAKED POOL PARTY with DJ Ted E. Roxspin

  • 7pm-9pm Dinner Break (Runway Open till 8pm)

  • 8pm-2am COCKSOCKS & JOCKS at the Barracks Bar with DJ Marcos Moreno



  • FILMING LOCATIONS open all day!

  • 10AM-8pm BEAR NAKED POOL PARTY with DJ Marcos Moreno

  • Bar Open 8am-Midnight!

  • 6pm-8pm Dinner Break (Runway Open till 8pm)

  • 9pm-4am B.A.D. Bears After Dark CRUISING PARTY Special Discounted Pass Available! WITH CUMUNION!